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Why you should love who you are no matter what your size is, even if you have inverted nipples.

Who cares what other people think, right? Well honest studies will show that an astonishing 98.3% of all people actually do care what other people think, butt we're about to turn that all around for you. Do you care, probably - at least a little bit. If you actually didn't care then you would be that person on the subway who A.) isn't wearing pants or underwear, and B.) forgot (or just blatantly didn't) wipe their ass after taking a shit the night before. So it's good to care just enough, but not enough to let it effect who you are. Here's an example: my friend Bonnie doesn't like the size of her breast, she says they are entirely too small and she fears she looks boyish in a tank top. In all actuality her ta ta's are about the size of grapes. This is true. However, what Bonnie neglects to realize is she has a really kick ass personality, she's never a Debbie-Downer, and she's generally smart. Believe me, with everything facing us in this pathetic, fucked-up world of shittiness, the last thing that truly matters is the size of your tit's, Bonnie.

While men and lesbians enjoy working with big-chested women (those who have Volkswagen beetles for boobs), they also enjoy working with someone who they can have fun with. And by fun, I don't mean sex. There's no 'quotations'. I know what you were thinking. With that said, girls with big boobs can also be cool and fun; I was merely pointing out that Bonnie Robertson should not be ashamed. Not only does she have a kick ass persona, she also has a kick ass body, regardless of the size of her bra. Love ya, Bonnie - There's no one that can top you (unless of course, its missionary).

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