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Old Musky Panties Uses

Do you have some old panties or underwear laying around that you just don't know what to do with? Maybe they are worn out or simply don't fit right anymore, either way they sit like a rag doll in the back of the top dresser drawer waiting to be check out again. Here's some uses for those old undergarments:

Clean Windows with old panties

Cleaning windows is a chore but you can make it fun by reusing some of the stuff you have lingering around the house; like old panties! Just spray the window with a mix of vinegar and water, wipe thoroughly and wa-la, your windows are bright and clean and those old dirty panties have been freshened up! To add a special hint of scent, try mixing your window cleaning solution with sweet pea body lotion or a spritz of your favorite perfume. Mmmm mmm, now that smells good.

Dust your dash

Carry your old panties in the glove compartment of your car to easily wipe away dust or finger prints from the cars dash. The other benefit of this hack is if you find yourself shitting your pants you always have a semi clean pair of undies to throw on.
*disclaimer: dust from the dash may cause irritation in some.

Use old panties as a bungee cord

The elastic is perfect for creating a taunt grip when you're really in a pinch. Use the panties to hold your trunk down when the mowers in the back of the car, use them to tighten saggy pants like a belt so your ass isn't hanging out, or even to take the dog for a walk if the leash isn't long enough. Get creative with it!

Use underwear as a sun visor

If it's too bright try digging through the underwear draw for an old pair (make sure you don't mind if they get sun bleached). Simply fold over and tie around your forehead, making sure the crotch lay over the bridge of your nose to protect your face from the suns glare. The panties around the head also provides protection from sweat coming off of the forehead, it can double as a sweat band! Exercise your heart out with the morning jog or just take a casual stroll around the block while straying cool and protected!

Old panty hat

This ones pretty simple, just put the old panties on your head (inside out preferably) to protect your scalp from sun burn, rain, wind or snow! A huge plus to using old panties on your head is there are already holes so you can put your ear buds in without the risk of rubbing. Try it out, you can even invite your friends over so they can do it too. You can do it together!


If you have a home repair project to do that deals with insulation, try stuffing some old cotton panties in the cracks. It will help keep cool or warm air from seeping away.

Make a panty blanket

If you are the type of person who accumulates a lot of undergarments try stitching them together to make a throw for the couch of a quilt for the bed. Your friends and family could even pitch in their old tidy-whites to the cause. You'll always be warm and comfortable when you wrap your body in a bunch of panties.

There's millions of things you can do with an old pair of panties, be creative and always remember to wash them first.

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