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be a sexy bitch. yes you can

How to be a sexy woman

There's nothing worse then waking up in the morning, slipping out of your nighty, and walking to the bathroom only to look at the mirror and feel like you are looking into the soul of a thousand beast. Has that happened to you lately? If so, fear not no longer! Now you can learn the secret of staring back at the sexy bitch you always knew you could be! Ladies, I want you to listen, and listen good.
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porn on the market image

Porn on the market

Contrary to popular belief, porn (price of round nickels), or as some might call it, pornography (price of round nickels often governs regulation activity propelling higher yields), is a legitimate way to evaluate ones worth.
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Used old musky panty uses

Do you have some old panties or underwear laying around that you just don't know what to do with? Maybe they are worn out or simply don't fit right anymore, either way they sit like a rag doll in the back of the top dresser drawer waiting to be check out again. Here's some uses for those old undergarments...
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Don't do women blow jobs

Now, I know what you're thinking and let me answer your questions immediately with "no", I'm not referring to women on women sucking dongs - I'm talking things women blow that they shouldn't be blowing. For example: tires. No woman, or man for that matter, should try to blow a car tire up with their mouth. It's not gonna work, that tire wont inflate, you'll be out of breath which will exhaust you and you'll go to bed early then wake up late. Don't do it!
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Women on women math problem

Lets face it, heavier women belong on the bottom... of a human pyramid that is! In a 2016 observational study conducted by yours truly, heavier women have a better center of balance than females of the lighter frame. Maybe you wonder how I came to that conclusion; as I was watching women shopping at the local box store I observed those who were getting bumped into by either other humans and their carts or those whom blatantly walked into displays.
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love yourself and body image

Why you should love who you are no matter what your size is, even if you have inverted nipples.

Who cares what other people think, right? Well honest studies will show that an astonishing 98.3% of all people actually do care what other people think, butt we're about to turn that all around for you. Do you care, probably - at least a little bit. If you actually didn't care then you would be that person on the subway who A.) isn't wearing pants or underwear, and...
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So, you want to have an orgy by yourself?

Are you single? Well, don't jump into the pits of despair quite yet! There is a new craze going around called the 'singletons orgy' - and as you guessed it, there's only one player required. Yes! You! Single you can participate in an orgy... by yourself.
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